Anushka Jagdish Singh Posted On: Sat, 11 Jan 14 , 11:35:31

Jai Guruji, Need your Blessings for the sucess of my relation with may husband,he is invovled with another married woman.Please do something that he withdraws from the relation & peace is restored.He is driving me mad by ignoring me totally & just does not care about my suffering,There is no one in my life except him.I just don't want him to loose him.Please help me with your miraculous blessings.Guruji bring a shift in his ming so that he pay attention & turns care & loving.Guruji i want to feel your presence around us & with us.

Admin On: Sat, 11 Jan 14 Reply

John Doe

Thanks for sharing your prayers over guruji's website. May Guruji bless you and grant you all your heartfelt desires!!!

From now your life be filled with 100% love, 100% happiness, 100% peace and 100% success by the grace of our beloved Guruji!!!