Simran Posted On: Tue, 05 Sep 17 , 00:44:36

Jai guru ji! Guru ji. I'm a new follower, not very religious, but I am going through a tough phase in life. I need your help. I don't know how exactly to pray, but I love hearing "shukar Kara" bhajan. It's on repeat. I am thankful to God, for the life I've gotten, the ups and the downs. But I'm unable to focus on my studies, and the person I love is getting married to someone else. I do not intend to harm any person, but it's hard to spend a day without thinking bout him. Please Guruji, everything is possible. Please help me Guruji. I believe miracles do happen. Please don't let me down. Keep my faith firm in you. My Massi took me to Deewan's satsang in Panchkula, and I enjoyed spending time there, it was like another sign or indication that I should wait for him and not give up. I've waited for long Guruji, and still am, please don't let my hope and wait go waste. Please get him back somehow. I am very thankful. Take care of my parents. Give them a long healthy and a happy life. Help me study. Get him back, such that he is only mine and nobody else's and he loves me the way I do. God bless everyone. Jai Giruji.

Admin On: Tue, 05 Sep 17 Reply

John Doe

Thanks for sharing your prayers over guruji's website. May Guruji bless you and grant you all your heartfelt desires!!!

From now your life be filled with 100% love, 100% happiness, 100% peace and 100% success by the grace of our beloved Guruji!!!