Ekta aggarwal Posted On: Sun, 17 Sep 17 , 22:39:09

Mere pyaare GURU JI 🌹 I need u Everyday Every moment,Every second that I breath, I need u .I am not strong enough on my own ....please always keep divine blessing s on me n with my family🌹 GURU JI please Heal my heart,heal my emotions,heal my spirit,heal my body and heal my soul🌹lay ur hands gently upon me and heal me through ur love for me 🌹love u GURU JI🌹

Admin On: Sun, 17 Sep 17 Reply

John Doe

Thanks for sharing your prayers over guruji's website. May Guruji bless you and grant you all your heartfelt desires!!!

From now your life be filled with 100% love, 100% happiness, 100% peace and 100% success by the grace of our beloved Guruji!!!